My Goddess Path

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Day 3 of 44 days of Witchery Challenge

on February 16, 2015

Day 3.. Witchy tools: Athame

The Athame, is the Black Handled Knife used to cut the many things for the circle such as the pentagrams in the quarters and the circle. It should be mentioned that the Athame, does not really need to be a black handled knife. It’s a common opinion that the Athame, should suit the person who uses it. One of its uses is to invoke things that are wanted, and banish things that are unwanted or un-needed in the circle. The Athame, is considered to be an extension of oneself”. This includes will, spirit, thought, emotion and manifestation as well. The Athame, is never used for cutting things like meat, thread, plants or anything else considered a solid object on this plane. It’s believed that use of this blade for self defense will make it null and void for any magickal use again.


This is the one that I would like to get someday!


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